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colloid silver

An internet search for Colloid Silver which is curiously re interpreted as Colloidal silver reveals 12.5 million results. Even considering the first few pages which are not exclusively manufacturers sites there is a wealth of conflicting information and disinformation.

This fact is nothing out of the ordinary, as there is not a subject of internet research that does not reveal an equally diverse range of views and opinions.

One thing you can be reasonably sure of is that most information will be opinion, and that most of that will be commercially directed.

We are going to examine some of the conflicting views found in these results and attempt to clarify which are fact and which are fiction or plain dis-information.

To be clear here we are mostly referring to Colloidal silver.

The most basic and obvious flagrant abuse of terminology is in the title “Colloidal Silver “ or “Colloid Silver” itself so we will take this on first.

There are essentially 3 types of products calling themselves Colloidal silver. In reality only one merits the title, that is true colloid silver.

The other two are, Ionic silver solutions, and protein or other emulsified substances containing ionic silver solutions.

To get to the root of this practice, which in most other industries would be considered a breach of advertising standards equivalent to mixing flavourings and water and labelling it fruit juice, we only need to return to high school chemistry.

Fact :- A colloid is an insoluble substance or substances suspended in another substance in such a manner as they do not separate and cannot easily be filtered out.

Logically then a product which is labelled Colloid or Colloidal anything must contain insoluble particles ?

The problem with most brands is they do not contain any or at most only 10% of actual particles.
The vast majority of products called Colloid Silver are not, for one very simple reason. That reason is they are all manufactured using electrolysis and this process produces only Ionic silver solutions. Usually about 10% of silver particles of large size are formed as a side effect of the process.

The key term here is “Solution” . A solution is water containing a soluble substance which is NOT a colloid.

They are in fact “Ionic Silver “ solutions, and there are many key differences between ionic silver and colloid silver.

What is ionic silver? Ionic silver is a solution of silver atoms dissolved in water, they have this property because they are missing one electron from their outer orbit. They are single silver atoms all with a positive charge which prevents them from agglomerating into silver particles.

Ionic silver is effective in the same manner as particulate silver against a variety of bacteria, viruses and fungal infections. The drawback is that silver ions will combine with other ions freely available. For this reason they are limited in their usefulness as an antimicrobial agent.

In the human organism chloride ions are the most prevalent, and so silver chloride is formed almost immediately once an ionic product is ingested.

Under most normal conditions this would not be an issue, but in certain situations of excessive consumption as in the case of Paul Karason it can lead to a condition known as argyria, in which the skin turns blue.

Silver particles are not soluble in water nor do they react with any substance found in the human organism. They are not toxic and will never cause argyria. If they are of the correct size they will be absorbed easily into the bloodstream where they can be transported to the infected part of the organism.

There are so many articles even in what are considered to be reliable sources of health related information where this mis labelling and distortion of the truth has become so universally accepted that the term “colloidal Silver” is used in references to negative issues related to “Ionic Silver solutions” .

The lie has been repeated so many times it has become accepted as the truth, and even medical doctors with strings of letters after their names, seem to be incapable of remembering basic chemistry that they surely learned at school.

One might even be moved to question the academic validity of those qualifications of doctors who cant tell, or do not know the difference between a colloid and a solution, or that silver is a relatively inert metal that that does not even react with hydrochloric acid found in the human stomach, let alone cause argyria.

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