Size Matters………………. ( Smaller is Better )


Whilst there is still some debate on the subject of why silver particles are so deadly to single cellular microorganisms, there is agreement that the reaction is catalytic. The reaction is a function of surface, and only occurs on the surface of the particle. If you have a large particle its effectiveness is severely limited in comparison with a smaller particle, because for the same wt of material, total surface area increases as the particle becomes smaller.

The surface area of particles is the property of a particle that translates directly into the ability of the colloid to react with its environment. Effectiveness of colloids is based on exposing the largest possible surface area of the metal particles to the targeted problem. The importance of this property cannot be over emphasised It is the single most important attribute in determining how effectively the colloidal particles will react with microorganisms inside the human body.

In the world of Chemistry, reactivity increases as surface area becomes larger. For this reason particle surface area is an excellent means of comparing the physical properties of colloidal products.

As mentioned above, for any given weight of material the greater the number of times it is divided to provide a smaller particle, the larger the total area of surface becomes.

Compare the example of one of the products tested below. Though this is a gross oversimplification we will assume a spherical particle. The particle of 21nm will have a total surface area of 1385 nm squared, Its volume would be 4849 nm cubed.

The same volume, but in Mesosilver sized particles would be the equivalent of 34635 particles with a total surface area of 46064 nm squared which is 33 times more surface area for each single larger particle.

Many significantly larger companies have not been able to produce such an effective product, and many smaller ones do not even have the equipment to measure particles size properly.

Purest Colloids MESOSILVER is over 80% minimum silver particles, of a mean size of 0.61 nanometers indefinitely suspended in pure water. If stored correctly it will keep virtually indefinitely, and it is not light sensitive.

We conducted some tests on two other well known brands available in the UK. These brands both suggest that they are colloids, and of course, they say they are the best available.

Here are the results compared to MESOSILVER.

Mesosilver 20 PPM 250 ml. Actual PPM 20.9 @ 99.8% particles @ 0.621 nm  = 5.21 mg silver

ST: 25 PPM. Actual PPM 19.6 @ 11% particles @ 269 nm (average) =  0.539 mg silver

NG: 20 PPM. Actual PPM 13.9 @ 99% particles @ 21.6 nm = 3.44 mg silver

The ST1 product is not colloidal silver it is in fact nearly 90% IONIC SILVER SOLUTION.

The NG2 product is a true colloid but when compared with MESOSILVER for particle size, which determines effectiveness, this is what we found.

MESOSILVER 20.9 20.86 0.621 142.030
NG2 13.9 13.76 23.47 2.479
ST1 19.6 2.16 269.83 0.034


The PPM figures on the bottles are not really very useful, as in reality MESOSILVER is over 40 times more effective than the other true colloid product, and over 3000, yes three thousand times more effective than the mostly ionic product.

In external applications where there is lower salt presence, ionic solutions can be effective, but only until they evaporate as silver ions instantly become useless silver oxide without the water in which they are soluble.

In contrast silver particles do not oxidise instantly, and continue to be effective even in external applications.

Mesosilver by Purest Colloids is the most effective true nano-silver colloid available anywhere in the world.

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