Benefits from infusing silver nanoparticles into socks.

By now just about everyone has heard of the fabulous benefits from infusing silver nanoparticles into socks. No more foot odour, no more smelly shoes and sneakers, no more athlete’s foot when using silver socks.

Benefits of silver socks:

Silver kills odour-causing bacteria, preventing odours
Silver Socks promote better foot health and hygiene
Unique antimicrobial properties of silver fight athlete’s foot and odour

Make Silver Socks at Home For Pennies

No need to purchase high priced silver socks from specialty stores. Just spray MesoSilver on socks you already own. 

MesoSilver consists of silver nanoparticles that absorb into absorbent cotton fibres to produce the desired antimicrobial properties. Any sock that consists of cotton or has some cotton content will make a fine silver sock. To make silver socks from socks you already have could not be easier. Here is a simple four step process to make silver socks.

Find a pair of all cotton or cotton containing material.
Wash, rinse and dry the socks.
Spray on MesoSilver colloidal silver and let air dry.
Your socks are now impregnated with silver nanoparticles ready for use.
Reapply lightly after each wash.

Effectiveness of Colloidal Silver is Unparalleled
Colloidal silver is reported to be unparalleled at killing bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens hence very effective for making silver socks. Colloidal silver has a history spanning hundreds of years as an effective germ fighter. It is believed that the pathogens cannot become immune to the killing power of silver. The known germicidal properties of silver combined with the high particle surface area of silver nanoparticles provide unsurpassed antimicrobial properties needed to make the perfect silver socks.