Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin known for its eye health benefits.

Vitamin A also sometimes called Retinol assists in many of the body’s functions. It is principally known to be involved in maintaining healthy skin, hair, mucous membranes, and lung functions.

Generally it is involved in the processes of cellular growth and maintains the integrity of skin cells as well as contributing to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Externally it can be helpful in the treatment of acne and promotes the healing of skin ulcers.

Retinol is actually Rhetoric acid which is transformed by the body from Vitamin A. Rhetoric acid stimulates skin elasticity and absorption of collagen which helps to maintain a brighter complexion and regenerates melanin to counteract the development of dark spots.

Because colloidal vitamin A is particularly well adapted to absorption through the skin bypassing the digestive process it is useful in directly treating skin problems.

Instructions for use:

Spray in the mouth, under the tongue, 10/15 sprays, 2/3 times a day, or for topical use on the affected areas 3/4 times a day, or as preferred.