Hyaluronic Acid for youthful skin.
Melatonin for restful sleep (coming soon)
Keratin for healthy vibrant hair and strong nails
Bromelain for a healthy digestive system (coming soon
Vitamin A for healthy eyesight
Vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth
High silver concentration Anti Fungal Spray
Body Cleanser with Colloidal Silver

Although these well known supplements are available as orally ingested tablets or capsules, the OPTIMUM range are all in Colloidal form and are designed to be taken sublingually.

Next to intravenous injection which is usually administered by a medical professional, absorption through the capillary vessels beneath the mucous membrane under the tongue, is the most efficient and fastest method of delivering the benefits of nutritional supplements to the human organism.

Absorption is directly into the lymphatic and cardiovascular system, without passing through the digestive system. This has many advantages over traditional orally administered products. Because of the patented colloidal process used in their manufacture the products do not contain any additives, fillers, or impurities. Used in this way our colloidal supplements can be effective at much lower dosage levels. Therapeutic effect is almost immediate, three to ten times faster than oral administration.
Because the sublingual method bypasses the digestive system and liver metabolisation, which can weaken potency, the beneficial effects can be achieved with a lower dosage.
In addition there is no need to consume any additives or other ingredients such as the capsule itself.
This method is quick, effective and easy, with no swallowing chewing or taking with water.

As part of our continued quest to integrate colloidal technology into daily life we are also adding two new personal hygiene products to our range.

Optimum Body and intimate cream cleanser with colloidal silver, and a high concentration anti fungal silver spray.

All of our ‘OPTIMUM’ brand COLLOIDAL supplements are safe non toxic and without contraindications or side effects. There are NO potential problems with accumulation or overdose.

Optimum anti fungal spray is a high concentration silver spray for external application to be used against a variety of fungal infections. It is an ionic formulation at 110 PPM silver content.

Optimum Body and intimate cream cleanser with colloidal silver combines the properties of a PH balanced cream cleanser with the antimicrobial properties of colloidal silver.