Purest Colloids products are excellent for treating numerous medical conditions experienced by animals.

Purest Colloids do not manufacture specific products aimed at animal or pet care because, in almost all cases, these are just relabelled or more expensive versions of the same products.

One of the major advantages of using Purest Colloids colloid silver for the treatment of you pets is that it has no taste and does not sting or burn when applied to cuts wounds or eyes.

You might want to consider using an eye dropper rather than a spray for administering colloid silver to cats as they are prone to being frightened by the spray noise, and a frightened cat on an escape mission can cause you some wounding.

You do not need to use a gel to obtain a better adherence to fur, soaking the skin and fur with Colloidal silver will work just as well. The silver particles will be delivered to exactly where they are required, use a spray if your pet does not mind, the water will evaporate leaving the silver to do its job.

Purest Colloids colloidal silver is the most effective silver colloid on the market today so you can be assured you are giving your friend the very best treatment possible.

It’s an excellent way to boost your pets’ immunity and prevent illnesses, infections, and diseases. Silver is a great natural health supplement, and a cleansing/disinfecting agent for all your pets accessories. Silver for pets can save you from costly trips to the vet and the high cost of medication. What’s more, the antibiotics that are commonly prescribed to animals are immune system suppressors and can be the cause of antibiotic resistance.

Although there haven’t been many studies on silver’s effect on pets, many pet owners have experimented with the use of colloidal silver and have had excellent results. We have heard of it being administered to horses there are no side effects whatsoever from using Mesosilver to treat your pets.

Some uses of purest Colloids colloid silver on pets and animals

Cleaning /disinfecting. You can spray your pet cages and sleeping areas with silver. You can also add 20 ppm mesosilver silver to your pet’s bath water the amount varies based on the size of the animal. For a bird bath, we recommend 1/4th of a cup, for a dog or cat bath, we recommend a full cup. You can also add a small quantity to your pets water to keep it clean and bacteria free.

Avoiding infections

As soon as you notice your pet has a wound spay with mesosilver and if a bandage is required use a mesosilver soaked bandage

Treating infections

Mesosilver is effective in treating many bacterial viral and fungal infections your pet may fall victim to. It will never be harmful it has been suggested that 10 ml two or three times a day for up to a week would be appropriate for a large dog perhaps half that for a smaller one or cat.
Ear and eye infections can be treated by spraying mesosilver directly into the eye or ear affected.

Removing odours

Clean the carpet or affected are as normal then spray the area with mesosilver

Skin problems

Mesosilver can be used to treat skin infections itches and rashes and eczema like dry skin,
simply pray onto the affected area until you see improvement

Tropical fish

Here is an extract from a US patent using Colloid silver in the healing of skin disease in tropical fish.